Monday, January 7, 2008

Eating Gourmet on One Day a Week

It happens to all of us. We get home after a long day and are starving for something tasty, nutritious, hearty, and... let's admit it: fast. Our grocery stores filled with pre-packaged food and our streets lined with take out and fast food make it easy to eat quickly, but often what we put in our bodies at these hasty junctures is the last thing our bodies need. As a recently engaged grad student also working two jobs, finding the time to make a proper meal every day is like trying to breathe underwater. I am convinced that with a little thought and care taken on one day out of every week, we can eat tastier, healthier food that has had a shorter journey from our green earth into our bellies.

Another culinary challenge for most of us is... well, just that. Cooking up a meal for friends, or just for yourself, seems like a time-consuming process. My own Achilles' heel is throwing a fabulous party, wining and dining my friends, but never sitting down to enjoy the party until they've all left. I usually spend the whole evening in the kitchen over the stove, or running back and forth from the table getting that last little thing to make the table experience perfect. Call it a New Year's resolution: I am determined to master the way to throw a stunning party while still enjoying it, and my dearest friends, myself.

For these two reasons, the focus of this blog will be on foods that can be made ahead - a day, a week, or months in advance - so that when it comes time for you to eat, whether alone or with your closest friends and family, you can enjoy most fully your time with them around the table. One day a week, and we all might save a little time and money in the process of learning to live fuller, richer, tastier lives.


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